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6 Reasons Cars End Up in Los Angeles Collision Repair Shops

Driving in Los Angeles earns you a unique pedigree of awareness seldom gained in other high traffic areas in the United States. It’s not exactly bragging that Angelenos can attest to a common traffic delay of 40 minutes to the hour during rush hour traffic times. With statistics like that, it’s little wonder that Los Angeles collision repair shops stay so busy. Clarity and heightened awareness comes from analyzing these primary reasons that Southern California’s cars wind up in the hands of Los Angeles collision repair specialists.

Speed: The Fast Track to the Los Angeles Collision Repair Queue

speeding-car-collision-likelihoodOn any given night, the sound of screeching tires not too far in the distance serves as a piercing reminder of the need-for-speed mentality that marks Los Angeles. Easily the most sprawling metropolis in America, Los Angeles offers plenty of opportunities to put the pedal to the metal, so it comes as no surprise that speeding earns a prominent spot on the list of reasons cars could easily cross the finish line directly into the garages of Los Angeles collision repair shops. Speeding is a one-stop disaster shop, violently cutting down on reaction time windows, reducing driver control, and intensifying the resulting damage. The Los Angeles collision repair reports support the national research performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; damage is increased twofold when the speed limit extends from 40mph to 60mph. However, most high speed collisions are more conservatively deemed as the result of vehicles exceeding 30mph and are often associated with freeway driving, an aspect of the Los Angeles commute that’s nearly impossible to avoid.

Driving Under the Influence: Declining but Still Dangerous

Inebriated drivers also top the list of frequent patrons to Los Angeles collision repair shops, even though DUI arrests decreased in 2015. Despite an abundance of DUI checkpoints, many motorists still think nothing of hopping behind the wheel after a night of drinking in Hollywood…at least until they’re smashing at high speed into a guard rail. Obviously, material damage is secondary when compared to the other hazards presented by an intoxicated driver but the amount of totalled cars that wind up in Los Angeles collision repair garages is not to be taken lightly.

Road Rage: Many Faces for One Problem

road-rage-collision-hazardIt can be tough to psychologize other motorists which makes occasions of road rage that much more jarring. Yet aggressive drivers are often at the root of auto collisions. In many cases, these berzerker motorists do just as much, if not more, damage to their own cars than those of the drivers around them. But road rage is an umbrella term that reaches beyond lewd gestures, brake checks, and tail gating. Swerving in and out of traffic in a frenzied manner is an all too common sign of road rage as is any manner of cocky, aggressive maneuvering. Those who aren’t prepared to share the road may want to take a few deep breaths instead of endangering themselves and others.

Distractions: We’ve All Been There Before

Living in an age of hyper technology is exciting, though some motorists find themselves too enthralled to put their smartphones down. This leads to the next big reason why drivers find themselves spending the afternoon at a Los Angeles collision repair center: distracted driving. A staggering 25% – 50% of national auto collisions occur due to distracted drivers, according to Mark Edwards, the Director of Traffic Safety at the American Automobile Association. This extends beyond smartphones to distractions from passengers, children, and even the blight of Los Angeles traffic jams, rubbernecking.

Fatigue: A National Issue

A tired driver is more susceptible to the hazardous lull of highway hypnosis which has led to more than its fair share of visits to Los Angeles collision repair shops. Nationally, drivers are most often said to experience fatigue between the hours of 11:00pm and 8:00pm, though with the diversity of schedules in Los Angeles, a fatigued driver could be on the road at any time.

Weather: The Uncommon Threat

los-angeles-rain-driving-collision-hazardOne of the main reasons residents adore Los Angeles is its mild, sunny climate but when inclimate weather hits the city, the motorists definitely feel it. A little rain goes a long way in parched Los Angeles with oil build up rising to the surface of asphalt making the roads extra slick. Motorist apprehension to rain in Los Angeles has launched a thousand jokes but launched even more cars into Los Angeles collision repair shops. Los Angeles is a beautiful city, packed with residents who love their cars. While gorgeous scenic areas such as Tejon Pass are a visual gift to those who call this city home, they can also lead to auto accidents if motorists don’t stay alert and aware. Los Angeles is a sprawling city that practically demands its residents own a car so accidents are going to happen. But staying aware of these 6 motorist hazards mat go a long way to keeping your car out of the Los Angeles collision repair shops.
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