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Auto Maintenance Can Prevent These Common Repairs

We’d like to think our cars are built to last but the truth is that keeping our cars running is an interactive experience. You don’t just drive your brand new car off the lot and keep driving until it dies. Your car requires you to be in tune with it. Above all, this means staying aware of scheduled auto maintenance as per your car’s owner manual. But with our busy lives, it can be easy to overlook oil changes and bald tires but that is where those initially minor repairs get costly.

Don’t Delay That Oil Change


Oil changes are unnecessarily delayed far too often.

One of the leading areas in auto neglect is surprisingly the oil change. Perhaps it’s because oil changes happen so regularly that drivers think they’re no big deal. But delaying your oil change can lead to some serious issues down the line. While engine oil can contribute to your engine’s performance, the importance of an oil change can be viewed as more of a preventative measure, keeping your engine clean of gunk and build-up that will ultimately do it some significant damage. And when there’s significant damage to your engine, there’s significant damage to your wallet. Whether you’re going the DIY route or taking your car to be serviced at an auto repair shop, regular oil changes are way too vital for procrastination.

Flat Tires Aren’t the Only Ones Needing Replacement


Bald tires are the telltale sign of a neglected car.

Are you the type of driver who only replaces a tire when it’s flat? Your tires are the only piece of your car that actually connect you to the road, so shelling out for the best should be a priority. But you also have to keep aware of the condition of your tires and that goes beyond checking to make sure none of them are flat. Failure to stay aware of your tires’ conditions may take a bite out of your savings when you’re forced into repairs on your damaged suspension. Taking care of your tires can take the sting off of other regular auto maintenance too because when your tires are properly aligned and in good order, the rest of your car will feel it.

Stay Aware of Your Brake Situation

Along with tires, maintaining your brakes is key to your safety. Are your brakes making strange sounds or have you noticed any difficulty in coming to a stop? The sooner you take your car into a brake specialist or auto repair center, the less likely you’ll be breaking the bank paying for costly auto maintenance labor. Brake pads aren’t the cheapest replacement so set some money aside and keep them in optimum shape.

Regular Auto Maintenance Staves Off Repairs


Puddles of fluid should not be dismissed without professional review.

The fast track to astronomical repair fees is general neglect. That weird sound under the hood? Get it checked out. That stuttering vibration that wasn’t there last week? Schedule an appointment to have it inspected. Fluid puddles under your car? Fix it as soon as possible. Early detection is key in keeping your repair costs low and your safety high. It’s tempting to ignore those weird sounds and mysterious puddles but your car is trying to communicate to you and you need to listen to it.

Regular auto maintenance can set you back but you should regard it as a small price to pay for the comfort and convenience offered by your car. Consider proper maintenance of your car the same as paying your rent or electric bill. You get a lot from your car so expect to give some back now and then. Keeping on top of scheduled maintenance will keep both you and your car happier in the long run.

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