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Water Pump Replacement Inconveniences Easily Avoided

Water Pump Replacement Inconveniences Are Easily Avoided

Even if you’ve never gone through water pump replacement yourself, you probably know someone who’s suffered a failed water pump. Your car water pump is a vital component of the cooling system for the engine. This is a fairly precise system in which the water pump pushes coolant through specific access points in the engine. The coolant is restrained by the thermostat until it achieves the desired temperature at which point it then passes to your radiator. A full system is in place to deal with the superfluous heat produced in the process. However, the water pump is still in action, sending the coolant back through the engine in a constant cycle. As you can imagine, the disruption of this process can be bad news for your car. Luckily, there are several symptoms to help keep you aware of whether water pump replacement is necessary.READ MORE

car smoking symptoms and how to read them

Car Smoking Symptoms and What They Mean

We’ve all felt a twinge of empathy as we see that dreaded image; a car smoking down the freeway leaving a trail of cloudy exhaust in its wake. Billowing trails of smoke send up an embarrassing amount of urgency when compared to other symptoms of car trouble such as a slight squealing noise or a “Maintenance Required” light on the dash. When your car starts smoking, you know something needs to be done about it immediately. Even though a smoking car problem can blindside you, you don’t need to go through the rest of the situation blindly if you know how to read the symptoms. In most cases, you’ll be able to get a feel for the issue just by noting the color of the smoke.READ MORE

Catalytic Converter Replacement Saves Planet and Your Wallet

Catalytic Converter Replacement Helps Your Car and the World Around You

Catalytic converter replacement or repair can be costly but, as is the case with so many integral car components, timely attention to any issues with your catalytic converter can actually save you money. While you’ve probably heard of the catalytic converter before, you may not realize why it is so integral to not only your car but the environment around you. The catalytic converter is a vital piece of your car’s exhaust system, regulating the harmful emissions and air pollution that your car produces. Using specific chemicals, this cylindrical component actually transforms these emissions into gases that are less harmful to the world around us. In many states, a fully functioning catalytic converter is essential to passing smog and emissions testing linked to vehicle registration. So, other than failing one of these tests, how can we tell if we’re experiencing any catalytic converter problems?READ MORE


Intake Manifold Leak Issues Can Kill Your Engine

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing the importance of various auto parts but sometimes we forget to acknowledge the vitality of what holds these parts together. Intake manifold gaskets are the perfect example. On the one hand, they’re easy to overlook. On the other hand, they can really throw a wrench in the gears if they fail, as anyone who’s suffered an intake manifold leak can attest. The whole purpose of the intake manifold gaskets is to make sure the intake manifold remains bonded to the cylinder head(s) with a strong seal. If that seal breaks, we get the raging headache that is an intake manifold leak. Fortunately, these breaches are rare.READ MORE


Timing Belt Symptoms Help You Stay Aware Before Larger Problems Arise

Fearing the day you’re hit with a timing belt replacement cost is as common a driving experience as your first flat or first speeding ticket. It’s a rite of passage that almost all motorists will deal with at some point. Sure, it can be painful but not nearly as painful as noticing timing belt symptoms and leaving them untreated. Admittedly, it can be difficult to notice warning signs that your timing belt is on the way out, so it’s a good idea to stay aware of the suggested scheduled maintenance in your owner’s manual. You can also easily have your timing belt checked for wear and tear during a tune-up. But there are some telltale timing belt symptoms that can indicate that your car needs serviced as soon as possible.READ MORE


Oil Cooler Taken for Granted Until There’s a Problem

It can be easy to take your car’s oil cooler for granted. This is by design since, assuming you’re taking good care of your car, the cooling system should last as long as the engine itself without any extra work. However, overall negligence of maintenance can be the slippery slope that eventually leads to problems with your car’s oil cooler. Today, we’ll look at the warning signs of a faulty cooler as well as get an understanding of this important part to which you’ve maybe never given a second thought.READ MORE


Throttle Position Sensor Symptoms Are a Direct Communication of Fuel Economy and More

We’ve talked at great length about the importance of keeping your car’s fuel injection system in working order on this blog before. One of the most vital means of communication between your car’s engine and fuel injection system is the throttle position sensor (often referred to simply as the TPS sensor, though admittedly this is as redundant as referring to an ATM as an ATM machine). A precise mix of air and fuel is necessary for your vehicle’s health and the TPS signal is responsible for keeping tabs on that mixture. As you can guess, a defective sensor can lead to a whole mess of problems with your car. Staying aware of throttle position sensor symptoms of defect can help you remedy such issues before they impact other car components.READ MORE


LED Headlight Conversion Offers Just One Way to Up Your Headlight Game

With the LED headlight conversion jobs we see here, it almost feels like the days of halogen headlights are numbered. Almost. Currently, halogen bulbs are still the most popular option for headlights, but the flashiness of xenon headlights and the immense quality of LED headlight bulbs are definitely giving them a run for their money. The truth is that all three options have their selling points so it pays to know your options if you’re considering any headlight work.READ MORE


Clutch Replacement Early On Can Prevent Bigger Issues from Manifesting

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, then you are already well acquainted with the clutch. However, if you’re driving a newer manual model, clutch replacement may be a new concept to you. The clutch is designed to take a lot of abuse, but as with anything of a mechanical nature, repeated use will eventually find your clutch needing replacement. This is especially true in urban areas with lots of traffic jams. The constant riding of the clutch in the stop-start traffic can be rough on even the most steadfast of clutches. But how do you know whether it’s time to look into clutch replacement?READ MORE


Car Battery Issues Can Be Easily Prevented if You Look for These Warning Signs

Chances are you’ve had the unwelcome experience of scouring a parking lot looking for some kind soul to jump start your car after the battery unceremoniously quits on you. It may often seem that our batteries fail us without warning. But sometimes, we’re actually lucky or astute enough to recognize the telltale signs from our battery, giving us enough time to get to the nearest auto shop to get a replacement car battery. Here are just a few symptoms that your battery may be due for a replacement.READ MORE