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Car Suspension Maintenance Promises a Smoother Ride

We’ve mentioned the importance of tires before; they’re your car’s only real contact with the road. But it’s your suspension that’s taking a lot of the beating with them. Whereas you can easily replace a tire, car suspension is a full system that requires careful analysis if anything should go awry. Most of us have a bond with our cars allowing us to literally feel if something’s going off with the suspension in many circumstances. But suspecting a problem is just the beginning so here a few signs that you may need to have your car suspension evaluated by a professional.READ MORE


Color Matching Paint Jobs Requires Precise Attention to Detail

It comes as a surprise to those motorists who have not been in an accident that one of the most challenging tasks for an auto collision repair shop can be color matching a damaged paint job. However, many drivers that have endured sub-par paint work following an accident can tell you about it in graphic detail. Color matching requires skill on the part of the technician; it’s not as simple as plugging a color into a computer and waiting for results. But even with that understanding, the painstaking process of color matching is still often a mystery to those without firsthand experience.READ MORE


Auto Restoration Challenges to Consider Before Buying That Muscle Car

Muscle cars are a hallmark of the all-American experience. Sure, people like to sing the praises of baseball and apple pie but pastries rarely turn heads like a ’69 Chevy Camaro or a ’65 Mustang. While a lot of car models are doomed to fade in time, the great American muscle car has found second life in the popularity of auto restoration. But if restoring a classic car was easy, everyone you know would be rolling in GTOs and Hemicudas. The truth is that there are a few common problems that snag auto enthusiasts when they set out to make their historic dream cars into tangible realities. Depending on how you look at it, these problems can be a real pain or an experience-building challenge for an amateur mechanic.READ MORE


Used Car Inspection Benefits from You Using Your Own Mechanic

It’s said that buying a new car is a terrible investment but buying a used car has its own set of potential assaults to the wallet. What’s strange is that so many consumers in the market for a used car tend to simply take a seller’s word on the car’s condition or feel like a simple trip up the street and back will tell the full tale of the car. A used car of any quality will set you back at least a few thousand dollars so it pays to know exactly what you’re purchasing. There’s no shame in asking the seller for a used car inspection by a mechanic of your choosing. In fact, it’s expected of a savvy shopper.READ MORE


Transmission Problems Can Be Kept at Bay Through Regular Maintenance

Here it is, the blog post you’d never want to read unless you absolutely had to, the one that you always knew was coming…the one about transmission problems. Yes, transmission issues are the bogeymen of auto repair, the invisible threat that we hope will never appear if we simply pretend it doesn’t exist. The trouble is that this refusal to meet the problem head on is what so often wins our cars an extended vacation in the auto garage. Many of us are pretty good about servicing our car when it’s an oil change but very few of us even consider transmission maintenance. In some cases, the dealers are at fault, claiming transmission fluid is for lifetime use. The trouble is, some of these dealers consider 120,000 miles a lifetime. Liberally, transmission fluid should be changed approximately every 40,000 miles. You can shrug off that recommendation but that’s where these genuine problems can come into play.READ MORE


Having Problems Staying on the Road? Could Be Your Steering

One of the most common car complaints consists of your car not going in a straight line.  While the factors that cause this varies on a case to case basis, it is more than likely than something mechanical in nature is the source.  Before you take your car into your local autobody shop, consider this possibility.READ MORE


Fuel Injection System Issues Can Really Turn On the Pressure

Weakened fuel pressure can often be a problem you don’t immediately detect in your car. In fact, your car may be suffering from minor fuel pressure issues without you even being aware of it. Electrical issues and contamination of the fuel are the two major causes of problems with pressure but a faulty fuel pump could also be the culprit. If you feel like you might be experiencing issues with your fuel injection system, it’s often best to bring your car into a professional auto garage. The vast amount of variables to consider during pressure tests could easily fill a book. However, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of the problems that could plague your fuel pump and possibly mention a pressure test on your next tune-up.READ MORE


Car Fuses Protect Your Electrical System Yet Are Often Overlooked

We’ve all experienced a blown fuse in our homes, leaving us stumbling through the dark in search of the fuse box. But you may not have had a similar opportunity to get acquainted with your car’s vast array of fuses. With modern cars relying heavily on electrical systems, car fuses became absolutely essential as a failsafe of sorts. If your understanding of fuses goes as far as flipping one in the other direction when your power goes out, you should know that automotive fuses are in place to shield your car’s sensitive wiring and circuitry. The protective design of fuses prevents short circuiting or electrical overloading. That’s not to say that devices in your car can’t meet the reaper at the hands of extreme electrical conditions. Rather, it means that the wiring (which would mean a much costlier and more difficult repair) will remain safe.READ MORE


Car Air Conditioning Service Integral in Beating the Summer Heat

The Los Angeles area typically endures a late summer so we’re most likely just getting started with the heatwaves. It’s a rough time to find yourself in need of car air conditioning service, especially when repair rates can climb to astronomical heights. A lot can go wrong with your auto’s air conditioning unit from relatively simple problems with faulty blend doors preventing proper air flow to massive nightmares like the “Black Death” affliction that we’ll get into below.READ MORE


How to Identify Leaking Car Fluids

Leaking car fluids is easily one of the top reasons clients come rushing in to the auto shop, flinching at the impending bill. Sometimes, they’re right to freak out a bit; leaking fluids can be big trouble. On many occasions, repairs are minor; sometimes even optional. A puddle below your car should never be ignored but having an idea of what you’re looking at can save you stress and, in some cases, money.READ MORE