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Saving Money with Scheduled Wheel Balance and Alignment

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: your wheels are the most important link between you and the road. In fact, they’re the only part of your car that connects you with the road, so proper maintenance of your wheels isn’t just important; it’s crucial. Taking care of your wheels is relatively easy and inexpensive yet a shocking amount of motorists neglect their wheel balance and alignment.READ MORE

Stock Toyota Camry engine coolant.

Most Common Car Problems: Overheating and How to Change Coolant

As you hop into your car and turn the engine on, you’re probably thinking about the fun times at the beach or even the night ahead.  But the truth is that every single time you turn the ignition on, you’re essentially hoping the car works.  If you fail to take good care of it through regular maintenance such as oil and fluid changes and changing things before they break, you are playing the lottery every time you get into your car.  One of the most common car problems is car overheating and the main cause is simply caused by negligence.  The best way is to change your engine coolant at regular intervals and along with that, replace the thermostat.  Find out how to do this simple car DYI.READ MORE


When is the Right Time for Replacing Brake Pads?

We’ve briefly mentioned the importance of replacing brake pads in some of our other blog posts but today we’re going to give it the full attention it deserves. Many drivers put off brake work until it’s too late. That could mean exorbitant fees for buffing or replacing worn rotors or it could have the higher cost of a traffic collision. Obviously, personal health and safety is more crucial than money but when it comes to servicing your brakes, you’re putting both as a priority.READ MORE


Hydrodipping Offers Bold New Customizing Solutions

Even if you’re a seasoned veteran of car customization, you may be unware of hydrodipping. It’s one of the latest trends in administering prints to a car and can even be used to achieve that complex carbon fiber look. The process goes by many names including hydro imaging, camo dipping, or its technical name, hydrographic dipping. While we’re primarily interested in how hydrodipping works with automobiles and auto parts, it’s worth noting that the process isn’t strictly limited to the auto world. A quick Youtube search turns up a vast array of items that have undergone a similar process, including firearms, motorcycle helmets, and even a deer skull.READ MORE


Vacuum Leak Repair is Integral to Your Car’s Performance

No doubt you’ve heard of a car feeling the strain of a vacuum leak. In fact, you may be driving with one right now and not even know it. Vacuum leaks are fairly easy to overlook yet they are one of the most common car problems that land drivers in auto repair garages. However, every minute that you drive with a leaking vacuum system is a minute you’re throwing money away. But how can you tell if your car is suffering from a vacuum leak?READ MORE


Car Modifications Are Easiest with These Lucky 13 Models

Pretty much any car can be customized but not everyone is up to the challenge. Entry level gearheads need to start somewhere and one of the easiest jumping-on points is to get your greasy hands on an affordable car that’s easily customizable. Luckily for you, there’s a wide variety of options, so it’s easy to find a make and model to suit your style. And from there, anything that doesn’t quite work for you can be modified away. Here are your best options for smooth, simple car modifications:READ MORE


Customize Your Car for the Track

Whether you’re adding in an amplifier for your speakers or dropping your suspension to a new low, the number of ways you can modify your car is only limited by your creativity. However, the trend in reinventing cars into racers has been on the incline for a while now. Of course, certain cars (and, yes, certain drivers) are better equipped for the challenges of racing than others. Obviously, the customizations we discuss below pertain to cars that can accommodate the modifications necessary to become a racer. Likewise, the driver should know a thing or two about racing because nobody wants to look like a poseur behind the wheel. If your car and your experience fit the criteria, let’s have a look at how you can customize your car for the track.READ MORE


Auto Maintenance Can Prevent These Common Repairs

We’d like to think our cars are built to last but the truth is that keeping our cars running is an interactive experience. You don’t just drive your brand new car off the lot and keep driving until it dies. Your car requires you to be in tune with it. Above all, this means staying aware of scheduled auto maintenance as per your car’s owner manual. But with our busy lives, it can be easy to overlook oil changes and bald tires but that is where those initially minor repairs get costly.READ MORE


Cars of the Future Envisioned by Advancing Technology

Could shows like The Jetsons and movies like The Fifth Element have actually predicted the future of the automobile industry with flying cars? While such technology isn’t exactly out of reach for modern man, developments in technology (both in and out of the auto industry) are paving the way for improvements more pressing than flight. Rather than looking to the sky, the auto industry are exploring flexible manufacturing methods, autonomous applications, and energy alternatives to make your life on the road a lot easier.


Fuel Efficiency Tips That Will Save You in the Long Run

Fuel efficiency is a hot topic among drivers even in times where oil prices are relatively low. Some motorists may even take their low miles-per-gallon as a badge of honor, saving them just as much pride as money. The truth is that you can do more for great gas mileage beyond simply purchasing a fuel efficient model of car.