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The Truth About Cars vs. Common Myths

Myths about cars have been in play for so long that they’re virtually engrained in our cultural psyche as fact. But when we strip back the misinformation, the truth about cars can often seem stranger than fiction. It helps to differentiate the fact from myth when maintaining your car, considering customization, or in a scenario in which you’re left seeking collision repair options.

Learn how to trust your local auto mechanic

Learning to Unlearn: Why You Should Trust Your Local Auto Repair Shop

Too often than not, we view the mechanic that is working on our car with skepticism. We watch over their shoulders and balk at any suggestions of added services, as if we are now suddenly experts when it comes to auto repair. Chances are, you probably can’t even change your headlight bulb. So what’s with the inquisition? Find out why you need to take a chill pill and learn to trust.

los angeles oil changes

To Do or Not To Do: Synthetic Motor Oil Versus Conventional

Getting an oil change for our car is something we routinely do, such as brushing our teeth, but we rarely get right. Just like the presence of cavities, oil sludge and other detrimental build up in our motor is attributed to improper care and maintenance. Instead of trying to save money in the short term by getting the cheapest service for your car, exercise care and long sight by being informed before making the decision on your next oil change.


Los Angeles Car Customization Shops’ Most Common Mods

From sporty racers to OG low riders, Los Angeles car customization has always been at the head of trends while simultaneously honoring the classic appeal of the automobile. As the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon proved, there are virtually no limits to auto customization (including the limits of good taste) but with an air of reverence and an eye to the future, Los Angeles car customization specialists have worked to keep these classic mods on the map.



Los Angeles Body Shop a Vital Stop on Any California Desert Drive

Desert driving presents its own unique brand of wear-and-tear on vehicles that could easily land you in an auto body shop Los Angeles Yelpers recommend (if you’re lucky) or stranded on the side of a road in Joshua Tree. Preventative measures go a long way in desert climes so Angelenos are advised to hit up their most trusted Los Angeles body shop prior to hitting the road through the arid areas of the golden state. To help you keep a vigilant eye on your car’s health, we’re exploring some of the most common areas of vehicle failure in brutal desert terrain.



6 Reasons Cars End Up in Los Angeles Collision Repair Shops

Driving in Los Angeles earns you a unique pedigree of awareness seldom gained in other high traffic areas in the United States. It’s not exactly bragging that Angelenos can attest to a common traffic delay of 40 minutes to the hour during rush hour traffic times. With statistics like that, it’s little wonder that Los Angeles collision repair shops stay so busy. Clarity and heightened awareness comes from analyzing these primary reasons that Southern California’s cars wind up in the hands of Los Angeles collision repair specialists.