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Car Air Conditioning Service Integral in Beating the Summer Heat

The Los Angeles area typically endures a late summer so we’re most likely just getting started with the heatwaves. It’s a rough time to find yourself in need of car air conditioning service, especially when repair rates can climb to astronomical heights. A lot can go wrong with your auto’s air conditioning unit from relatively simple problems with faulty blend doors preventing proper air flow to massive nightmares like the “Black Death” affliction that we’ll get into below.

Testing Your Car Air Conditioning System


Proper configuration of your air conditioning can help when testing for issues.

If you suspect something’s gone awry with your car’s air conditioning, you can run a series of tests to help get a handle on the specific problem. To best assess the situation, make sure your air conditioning is configured to blow forth from the central dash vents but not set on recirculation mode. Crank your fan and put an ear out for any strange noises. Stay aware of the temperature of the air blowing out of the vents. Fluctuate between all of the settings to gauge whether the airflow is behaving as expected. You may also want to take a sniff to make sure you don’t detect any odd or foul odors. If you notice any issues or inconsistencies during these tests, it may be a good time to book a car air conditioning service apartment before you’re left hanging in the summer heat.

Low Air Pressure Problems

If your fan doesn’t seem to be packing quite the punch you remember, the fan itself may have given up the ghost. You may also be dealing with the blower hose having been knocked loose. If any of your A/C unit’s seals have been breached, it will pretty much knock your whole system out for the count. You may also be experiencing issues with mold, though this is often accompanied by the aforementioned foul odor. You may want to thumb through your owner’s manual and check out the cabin filter if you’re comfortable with some light inspection. The filter can become contaminated with mildew and debris, blocking the airflow. It could also be your blend doors functioning improperly. You may want to check out your evaporator case as well or take your vehicle to a professional to assess whether it is retaining water.

A Lack of Cold Air

If your air pressure is fine but the temperature is suffering, your blower motor may have experienced some sort of failure. If you flip on your heat and experience problems as well, you’re most likely dealing with a blown blower motor. This could also lend to the source of odd noises emanating from your A/C unit. While a dead blower motor is one of the most common problems to effect temperature, it could also be leaking Freon, a general vacuum leak, a faulty compressor, or even a bad fuse. If your air conditioning system has been cut by a blown fuse, it’s a fairly easy fix. You can even check it out yourself with the help of your owner’s manual. Likewise, your local mechanic can help you with a blown fuse for next to nothing.

Cold Air Turning Warm

A blown fuse can also contribute to your cold air rapidly turning warm. However, this problem could owe just as much to a leak or compromised seal, your compressor clutch not working with your compressor, or a blocked expansion valve. In most cases, if you notice cold air shifting into warm air, you’ll need to prioritize a scheduled car air conditioning service.

The Car Air Conditioning Service Nightmare: Black Death


There’s a few good reasons why they call this critical air conditioning ailment “Black Death.”

While the term “Black Death” may seem a tad melodramatic, it’s actually a pretty accurate way to describe the granddaddy of all car air conditioning system afflictions. Black Death, which typically strikes specific Ford models though is by no means exclusive to the Ford brand, occurs when refrigerant experiences a chemical breakdown, resulting in an often powdery black residue that is surprisingly tenacious. The corroded refrigerant results in a lack of lubricant, destroying your compressor and spelling certain death for your car’s air conditioner.

While your car’s A/C may not be a vital component like your engine or your brakes, it sure feels like a necessity in triple-digit weather. We spend a lot of time in our cars so it’s worth it to make sure we’re as comfortable as possible. Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of a heatwave to schedule your car air conditioning service, because that combination of costs and California sun can really make you swe

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