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The next time you visit your mechanic, stop sweating over standard car repairs. Find out why you need to be less anxious and more trusting when dealing with your local auto shop.
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Learn how to trust your local auto mechanic

Learning to Unlearn: Why You Should Trust Your Local Auto Repair Shop

Too often than not, we view the mechanic that is working on our car with skepticism. We watch over their shoulders and balk at any suggestions of added services, as if we are now suddenly experts when it comes to auto repair. Chances are, you probably can’t even change your headlight bulb. So what’s with the inquisition? Find out why you need to take a chill pill and learn to trust.

Take Care of It So It Will Take Care of You
Like any other mechanical devices, our cars need regular maintenance. Even if your car has a reputation as a long lasting Japanese car or a high performance German automobile, you still need to get things changed ideally before it breaks. With the amount of force and power that comes along with a car’s engine and other moving parts, things can become messy if preventative maintenance is not done. It will also decrease the chance of you being stranded in the middle of nowhere because you balked at the mechanic suggesting you get your shocks or suspension pieces replaced at the recommended interval.

picture of honda motor

Fixing cars is not an easy task.

Reading Between The Lines
Generally speaking, recommended intervals is code word for you must get these things changed or done by this time period, otherwise the part or your car might fail. It is hard to predict when something might fail on a car, since driving style and conditions will determine the wear and tear on a car. Since we live in a very litigious society, they must cover their butts and make suggestions which include cases where parts prematurely fail. A machine is much like the human body: don’t expect for it to function at its peak if you haven’t been taking good care of it.

Don’t Be So Paranoid
Lastly, auto mechanics generally make recommendations out of the good will of their hearts, and because they probably are obligated to notify you of any impending failures. If you have any doubts, just look it up on Google when you get home or on your cell phone. There is much more to the function of a car than just getting an oil change, so don’t dissuade their words as bull crap with the intent of upselling and making more money. If you have to bring a car into an auto service because something is wrong, don’t be angry and accuse your local mechanic of being malicious. You do so because you are not an expert in automobiles, and you are seeking out their advice. What you see on television with those consumer report specials are a small unrepresentative sample of car shops. They are like any news story that has been sensationalized to catch viewer interest that profits from your viewership through advertisement reach. If anything, you should question the news you read as misinforming and intentional.

Final Words
In conclusion, shop around and utilize the internet to better inform your consumer choices. Being knowledgeable about how a car works will help you in keeping your machine running fine for years to come. Additionally, be wary of mechanics that charge rock bottom prices for parts and service. Their profit margins have to come from somewhere, and it can come from an inadequately trained staff to poorly made parts that do not last a long time. When it comes to your safety, don’t skimp around. Bring your car to a reputable and trustworthy shop. Although we are a Los Angeles autobody collision center, we also offer services that include car restoration and regular car service. Feel free to drop in and get a quote, we will be more than happy to assist with you and your car’s needs.

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