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LED Headlight Conversion Offers Just One Way to Up Your Headlight Game

With the LED headlight conversion jobs we see here, it almost feels like the days of halogen headlights are numbered. Almost. Currently, halogen bulbs are still the most popular option for headlights, but the flashiness of xenon headlights and the immense quality of LED headlight bulbs are definitely giving them a run for their money. The truth is that all three options have their selling points so it pays to know your options if you’re considering any headlight work.

The “Blinding” Flashiness of HID Headlight Bulbs


No doubt you’ve found yourself “blinded” by the cool blue glow of HID headlights.

HID headlights, also known as xenon headlights, are loved for their sleek, icy blueish white beams. They’re not quite so loved by the other motorists caught in their beams because they can seem a bit blinding. The truth is that HID headlight bulbs don’t give off enough light to negatively affect the visibility of other drivers. This was confirmed by USA Today though if your xenon headlights are annoying another driver, you probably won’t have an opportunity to pull over to the side of the road and share the article with them. There’s no denying that, on a cosmetic level, HID headlights are the coolest of the bunch. Another benefit of HID bulbs is that they match the color of natural daylight more effectively than halogen or LED headlight bulbs, so they offer improved visibility at night…unless it’s a foggy night. In that case, xenon headlights aren’t really that helpful because the blue light doesn’t interact with the condensation as well as the halogen or LED options. They may also demand a period of adjustment if it’s your first time with xenon bulbs because they don’t gradually fade into the night but rather cut off abruptly.

The Reason for the Popularity of LED Headlight Conversion Jobs


LED headlight conversion is the most expensive option but many consumerists feel the quality is worth it.

LED headlight bulbs may be pricier than the standard halogen or glamorous HID bulbs, but they also offer a host of benefits. While xenon may be the coolest looking of the bunch, LED headlights actually have the coolest temperature at approximately 6000 Kelvin which lends to a white light that actually overpowers daylight. One reason we see so many drivers lining up for LED headlight conversion is the efficiency of LED bulbs. They create a brighter illuminating path of light than the halogen bulbs but use a fraction of the power. LEDs are also more adept at reflecting off of road signs.

Don’t Knock Halogen Headlights

Most drivers today still use halogen headlights. There’s nothing wrong with halogen bulbs though they are often considered inferior to LED and HID varieties. Consumers can actually seek out higher end brands of halogen headlights for improved performance and quality without making the full step up to a xenon or LED headlight conversion. However, if a halogen bulb burns out, the replacement charges will be relatively lower. They also don’t need an awful lot of energy to sustain though they do require an initial surge of power to activate.

In the end, whether you opt for a full-on LED headlight conversion, go for the cosmetic appeal of HID headlights, or stay the course with some high end halogen bulbs, the decision will be one of personal preference. LED headlights are often regarded as the best of the three, but the true best is the option that compliments your specific situation.

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