Auto Body Group: Collision Repair Center | Los Angeles Body Shop a Vital Stop on Any California Desert Drive
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Los Angeles Body Shop a Vital Stop on Any California Desert Drive

Desert driving presents its own unique brand of wear-and-tear on vehicles that could easily land you in an auto body shop Los Angeles Yelpers recommend (if you’re lucky) or stranded on the side of a road in Joshua Tree. Preventative measures go a long way in desert climes so Angelenos are advised to hit up their most trusted Los Angeles body shop prior to hitting the road through the arid areas of the golden state. To help you keep a vigilant eye on your car’s health, we’re exploring some of the most common areas of vehicle failure in brutal desert terrain.

The Vulnerability of Car Batteries to Heat

car-battery-desert-heat-driving-hazardOften the most likely part of your car to be affected by sweltering temperatures is the battery with severe heat being directly linked to a reduction in a battery’s life. Likewise, the vital fluid within the battery can evaporate under relentless desert heat leaving the battery prone to failure. Check for an auto body shop Los Angeles residents recommend for a quick scan of your battery to determine how much juice it has left.

Your Air Filter is Your Car’s Lungs

The air filter is often overlooked but in the dry, dusty environment of Southern California, it’s also at particular risk. The primary reason that the air filter is so important in your car is that it’s basically your engine’s lungs, serving as an integral foundation of the auto intake system. If your car’s air filter becomes too congested with dust, you’re suffocating your engine and thus hindering the potential power of your car, not to mention negatively impacting your gas mileage.

The Importance of a Los Angeles Body Shop Tire Check

Where a flat tire in the city will leave you grating your teeth, a flat tire in the desert may have you fearing for your life. Heat has a pronounced impact on your tires, though it’s unlikely that even the brutal heat of the desert will be enough to overtake the natural progression of erosion from general use. However, due to the sensitivity of tires, you’d benefit from covering yourself by checking tire pressure prior to departure. If you don’t have a spare tire, you may want to hit up a Los Angeles body shop to pick one up before you actually get out of the city.

Air Conditioning is Not Just a Luxury

ir-conditioning-auto-shop-los-angeles-more-than-luxuryAir conditioning may seem like a luxury, but in desert terrain it can feel like the difference between life and death. Those who keep central to the city may be surprised to learn that air conditioning is recommended to be checked once a year. While this may seem excessive to some, especially those who spend much of their time enjoying placid beach breezes, stopping at your Los Angeles body shop for an air conditioning¬† check before doing any desert driving can show some fortuitous foresight. A good body shop or mechanic will not just analyze relevant hoses and belts but also perform pressure and temperature inspections. Even if your air conditioning is working at its optimum, overuse of air conditioning can exhaust your car leading to surprise car calamities. When enjoying a drive in the desert, you want to use your car’s air conditioner to maintain a temperature that’s healthy for both you and your car.¬†Unless you’re itching to tour California Mad Max-style, you have no other option than to enter the desert prepared. A reliable Los Angeles body shop can easily check any and all of the parts on this list to make sure your car is up to the challenge of California’s myriad arid locales from the Palm Desert to Death Valley. You may pay a little up front but it’s nothing compared to the time, money, and stress paid stranded on the side of a desert road.
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