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Los Angeles Car Customization Shops’ Most Common Mods

From sporty racers to OG low riders, Los Angeles car customization has always been at the head of trends while simultaneously honoring the classic appeal of the automobile. As the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon proved, there are virtually no limits to auto customization (including the limits of good taste) but with an air of reverence and an eye to the future, Los Angeles car customization specialists have worked to keep these classic mods on the map.

Rims: The Hallmark of Every Los Angeles Custom Car

custom-rims-los-angeles-favoritesThe mind immediately goes to rims when discussing customized cars. Rims are some of the most popular auto modifications, expressed as symbols of success due to the often lofty price tags attached to them. Every Los Angeles custom car rolling down the Sunset Strip on a Saturday night is decked out with custom rims, from glinting metallic cyclones to brightly painted intricately crafted spokes. The right set of rims can say a lot about a driver’s personality as well as the health of their bank account.

Tint: The Forgotten Mod

Tinting windows has been so common for so long that it’s hard to even remember it’s a modification. But there are varying degrees of tint with some even challenging legality in California. A Los Angeles custom car wit an illegal tint job is most likely a DIY affair since auto customization shops are strictly adherent to following defined city and state protocols including specific laws against after-market tint.

Exhaust: The Loudest Fashion Statement

Exhaust mods are so popular in Los Angeles car customization garages that pre-packaged kits have been designed with enhanced exhausts in mind. When shopping for custom exhaust systems, try to temper flair and function because the flashier exhausts often come with a bang (or in some cases, make that a snarl heard several city blocks over). Like tint, this is another mod that can find itself on the wrong end of city authorities if not handled with care.

Suspension: How Low Can You Go?

suspension-auto-customization-los-angelesFor those attempting to achieve the ultra-low sporty racer look, suspension modifications are paramount. Whole Los Angeles car customization shops are devoted to the art of lowering suspensions. The tighter the wheel gap, the more impressive the ride. A nearly violent confidence exudes from racers with lowered suspensions, whether accessed through OEM shocks or more extravagant coilover kits. While some of the modifications on this list can be achieved through an admittedly skilled DIY approach, suspension is best left to Los Angeles car customization professionals.¬†While these are the most common mods you can expect to see on the streets of Los Angeles, they are by no means all that the creative mechanics of the city have to offer. You can find some truly unique mechanical artistry throughout Los Angeles car customization shops but it’s often a collaborative spirit that produces the best results. Bring your vision, your personality, and your wallet and you’re bound to get the ride that reflects your personality.
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