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Used Car Inspection Benefits from You Using Your Own Mechanic

It’s said that buying a new car is a terrible investment but buying a used car has its own set of potential assaults to the wallet. What’s strange is that so many consumers in the market for a used car tend to simply take a seller’s word on the car’s condition or feel like a simple trip up the street and back will tell the full tale of the car. A used car of any quality will set you back at least a few thousand dollars so it pays to know exactly what you’re purchasing. There’s no shame in asking the seller for a used car inspection by a mechanic of your choosing. In fact, it’s expected of a savvy shopper.

How to Set Up Your Used Car Inspection


Paying a little for an auto inspection can save you from sinking big bucks into a lemon.

Of course, you’ll need the owner’s permission to set up the inspection, whether this be someone with whom you connected on Craigslist or a used car dealership. Depending on what you work out with the seller, a used car inspection can take place on their property or the car can be taken to your mechanic’s auto garage. The process doesn’t typically take very long; somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour in most cases. Be wary of signing any agreements for purchase as a condition of setting up your own inspection. Such agreements are not standard procedure.

What to Look For Under the Hood

Even if you’re somewhat knowledgeable about cars, it pays to drop down the change to get a professional mechanic who you trust to take a look before committing to the purchase. So what can you expect your mechanic to inspect? One of the most important places to check will be under the hood, of course. Your mechanic will carefully examine the radiator to make sure nothing looks out of sorts. All vital auto fluids will be perused to insure all are at adequate levels and that nothing seems to be awry (such as burnt transmission fluid). The condition of belts, hoses and tubes will be inspected to guarantee that everything is properly connected and not at any advanced levels of deterioration. An intensive test of the battery should be conducted as well to indicate not only the battery’s life but whether it is working properly with the car.

The Benefits of Taking the Car to the Garage


One of the benefits of having a used car inspection conducted in the garage is the use of a mechanical lift.

When given the option of a mobile or in-house used car inspection, you should always opt to bring the car in to the garage. That’s because this will give your mechanic access to any specialized tools they may need to properly assess the vehicle, including a lift so they can get a good look beneath the car. This will allow your mechanic to do a proper examination of the exhaust system as well as any potential fluid leaks. Brake condition can also be properly scrutinized with the car in a lift.

A used car inspection by a professional can also determine whether shoddy repairs have been conducted on the vehicle and whether such repairs are leading to any problems. Paying a little bit of money on an inspection by a mechanic of your choosing can actually save you from throwing away thousands of dollars on a lemon, not to mention the peace of mind you’ll feel in your purchase if the inspection returns with glowing results. Likewise, a negative inspection can also be used to persuade the seller to drop the price or conduct the repairs him/herself before selling you the vehicle. In any case, you’ll be in a place of security if the inspection is on your terms.

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